Education Marketing

Why Education Marketing

When it comes to education marketing we know how to generate positive return on your marketing investment.

Our team has worked with leading brands in student recruitment for:

  • Test preparation services
  • Admissions Services
  • Live seminars
  • Online degree programs
  • Campus colleges
  • Career and Technical School

We know the competition for qualified education leads is fierce and if education marketing is not done right it can be very costly.

Our Approach To Education Marketing

We don’t  sell you on the “new media of the month” or fill your database with expensive leads from third parties.  We want to help you generate cost effective education leads on your own.  The key is to generate leads that convert with an effective cost per program start.

We take a holistic approach to your business.  We evaluate your efforts prior to our engagement to determine what impact we will have on your business. After this evaluation we will prepare a marketing strategy that will meet your business goals and budgets.

Our marketing plans are developed in an integrated marketing approach.  All media options are evaluated and only included if they meet the strategic objectives of the project and business goals. If we can’t quantify or justify the tactic we will not include the effort in our recommendation.

All our marketing efforts include testing, results reporting, and analysis so that our clients can optimize and improve future efforts.

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